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Introducing House Of Happy’s Kasey Boggs

Hi, I’m Kasey…I live in New Melle with my husband and big crazy family. I am a mom to 3 beautiful kids, 4 dogs, 2 ducks, and 2 chickens. My main motivator in life is my family and the outdoorsy lifestyle we indulge in. On most days you will find us biking, hiking, or swimming in our creek. I grew up in Wildwood, MO, and after graduating college from UMSL decided to follow my heart and move out to the country where I could further my passion for rescuing animals and wildlife. I started my family and never looked back.


I have a background in media marketing, branding, advertising and sales. I have always pursued and maintained jobs that allow creativity. I tend to gravitate towards challenging situations that require brainstorming and collecting different perspectives to find a solution. I left the pharmaceutical world in 2016 to raise my children and most importantly to find myself. I knew this career wasn’t for me anymore and it was time to find out what was. I now work as a marketing director for House of Pain Gyms and Apparel. I have always lived a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise. After college, I got a little more serious with it and competed in 4 bodybuilding shows in the figure category. This job allows me to support and encourage this lifestyle for a variety of others and provide an environment with the resources to do so. After leaving pharmaceuticals I promised myself that my next journey would be something I believe in and brings me happiness.


When I was asked to join the SWADE team I was ecstatic. Cannabis is something that has been a part of my lifestyle for more than a decade and has given me more confidence as a working mother and wife. I have always wanted to share my perspective and own personal experience with other women that are struggling or simply want to learn more about it. With all of the negative stigmatism it is hard to find the right space to tap into this controversial subject. My goal is to open up conversations, educate, and most importantly, help. I want to lift others up so they can be their best self. Cannabis is holistic medicine that can benefit a whole range of health issues physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is nothing more and nothing less. It is a natural way to medicate yourself, bypassing all of the lab-made chemicals that often get pushed on you.


My goal here is to unite our community and bring down the walls of judgement and shame. I want to eliminate stereotypes that discourage people from medicating with cannabis. I want women to feel empowered to be who they are without feelings of guilt caused by societal norms. When people see me, or are reading along, I want them to feel understood, seen and safe. You are not alone!

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The women making History at Swade



Tell us about yourself
I’m from Hannibal, MO and moved to STL after graduating from Mizzou. I started my career in the advertising industry, and this role at Swade is my first position in cannabis. I became interested and passionate about incorporating holistic medicine and practices into my life several years ago and am excited to explore a career where I can help others do the same. In my free time, I volunteer and am the treasurer for the St. Louis Samoyed Rescue (which led me to rescue and adopt my own sweet senior dog, Logan). I love to stay active by going to the gym, participating in sports, and spending time outdoors; and wind down by reading a book or watching a show. I also love to travel and am looking forward to planning my next adventure!
How do you view your role as a Product Specialist at Swade?
I like to view my role as a Product Specialist as a product/medication educator. No two patients are alike and it’s important to help the patient find a product to fit their individual needs and preferences. 
What inspires you in your role at Swade?
The patients really are what inspire me. To see patients come in and tell success stories or how they’ve been able to live a pain-free life, cut down on (or in some cases, completely eliminate) prescription medications, or sleep through the night again because they’ve started using cannabis medically, is such a rewarding experience. Even new users that come into a dispensary for the first time and are extremely grateful for the expertise and guidance from our Product Specialists, are daily reminders that what we do is making an impact. 
What do you want to say to a patient nervous about their first visit to Swade?
Never feel embarrassed or ashamed because you are using cannabis as medication! I’m hoping what Swade can help do is eliminate the stigma and negative connotations associated with using cannabis. We have patients of so many different demographics, and there is no “typical” cannabis user. I also want people to understand that there are many medication options that don’t always involve smoking or being “stoned” to receive the relief they are looking for. 



Tell us about yourself
St. Louis native, lived four years in Chicago where I graduated from DePaul University in 2016 with a degree in Communications and Hospitality Leadership. Avid traveler, Prague is my favorite place I’ve visited. Dog mom, wife, empath, cannabis aficionado and lover of all things St. Louis, especially provel cheese, Gioia’s hot salami and our beloved Blues. In my free time I enjoy cooking, hiking and game nights. I wouldn’t be anywhere without the love and support of my amazing family.
How do you view your role as Product Specialist / General Manager / Patient Advocate / Consultation Specialist at Swade?
I view my role at Swade as one of absolute privilege. It is an honor to be able to connect with our patients and provide them with the support and care they deserve. Each and every day I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do. 
What inspires you in your role at Swade?
Our products, stellar team and wonderful patients are what inspire me daily. We’ve cultivated such an inclusive and friendly vibe at Swade, making it feel more like home than work. I’ve always been a cannabis advocate but witnessing firsthand how much it can positively impact someone’s life is truly surreal. That feeling just never gets old. 
What do you want to say to a patient nervous about their first visit to Swade?
Congratulations on taking this step in self-care. You are safe, you are heard and you are more than deserving of all the relief and comfort cannabis provides. My goal is to make you feel as welcome as possible and to have you leave our dispensary knowing you’re part of our Swade Family. Thank you for your trust and your vulnerability.  



Tell us about yourself
My name is Mo Muzzey and I am a Saint Louis local. This past May I graduated from Southeast Missouri state university with a degree in Corporate Communications and Integrated Marketing but with the emerging cannabis industry in Missouri I decided to take a different path than I had originally thought and that’s how I ended up with Swade. I am currently working as a Product Specialist after transitioning from the cultivation side of the Sinse brand. I love the cultivation, science, and the beauty of the plants but my passion ultimately lies with serving Missouri MMJ patients.
How do you view your role as Product Specialist / General Manager / Patient Advocate / Consultation Specialist at Swade? What inspires you in your role at Swade?
I believe that cannabis can fit into everyone’s lifestyle and that there is no “one way” to consume. I know cannabis has transformed my life in the most positive way and I hope I can continue to share that with every patient I encounter.
 What do you want to say to a patient nervous about their first visit to Swade?
If there was one thing I could say to a first-time patient coming to Swade, it would definitely be that cannabis IS medicine and there will be something that can work for your lifestyle and we can definitely be the people that help you find it. 



Tell us about yourself
I love food and I think I’m funny. I hail from the swamp and I’m passionately invested in Gator football. I have four wonderful children, each one has helped me evolve into the human I am today. I love music, the sun, and chicken wings. Loud isn’t loud enough and fast isn’t fast enough. Cooking and grilling are my two favorite hobbies. I would host gatherings every weekend if I could. Before covid I was a bartender and I absolutely loved it. Over the years I’ve met so many wonderful people while behind the bar. I’ve heard some crazy stories, watched families grow, witness friendships being built; the list goes on. It’s been a wonderful life thus far.
How do you view your role as Product Specialist / General Manager / Patient Advocate / Consultation Specialist at Swade?
When I got this job I didn’t know what to expect. I knew the basic details, but I was not prepared for the immense growth I’m experiencing. Being a product specialist has allowed me to connect with so many people. I’m humbled everyday by the stories of people leaving pharmaceutical companies. Men and women coming to us in tears about their years of pain and discomfort-finally able to buy products that work! It’s amazing and inspiring.
What inspires you in your role at Swade?
Since leaving the bar industry my quality of life has drastically improved as well. The ability to help others everyday is an honor and privilege. I Couldn’t ask for a better gig.
What do you want to say to a patient nervous about their first visit to Swade?
For anyone who is nervous or embarrassed; don’t be! We’re all here to help. We all have our “why.” Don’t be discouraged or worried because of some else’s opinion about pain management. This is your journey, own it and enjoy it! 

It’s stuff we all do every day. 

Feature News

Ellisville Dispenary Opening Date Announced

Swade Medical Dispensary will open its first West St. Louis County location in Ellisville on March 10, 2021 to Missouri medical card holders.

“We are focused on delivering an exceptional experience and will provide patients with the highest quality of medical marijuana in the state,” said Tom Muzzey, CEO of Beleaf Medical. “Patients deserve easy, convenient access to the life-changing medicines that improve their lives and we are honored to be able to provide this with medical cannabis.”

Swade has already opened the first of 5 dispensaries in the area and intends to carry a large variety of medical cannabis produced in the state. They have carefully curated a selection of items from the state’s most renowned cannabis companies, hand-picked to enhance the experience from start to finish. “Our dispensary is tailored to create an atmosphere that is open and inviting with a premium experience. We want you to feel comfortable in our dispensary and will help you find the perfect product and strain to meet your needs,” commented Jack Haddox, Director of Dispensary Operations. “You will find flower, edibles, beverages and other medical forms of product at our locations as soon as they are available.”

In the management of patient’s expectations and Swade’s desire for the patient’s experience to be as seamless and positive as possible, it is strongly suggested that anyone interested in visiting this location go to the website to learn more about our policies and procedures, especially around COVID-19. SWADE will be accepting cash and debit cards as well. Online ordering IS available and is encouraged especially for at-risk or immune sensitive patients. These products will be held at the dispensary for pick-up.

In addition to St Peters and Ellisville, there will be locations on Cherokee, Delmar and The Grove, all opening soon. The Swade brand will offer consistency throughout each location so patients know what to expect when they arrive, no matter which location is convenient for them.

Feature News

Munchie Brunch & Learn Event

 SWADE Cannabis and BeLeaf Life’s Oils are teaming up with the Mellow Mushroom in Cottleville, Missouri to provide an educational event for people who are curious about Missouri Medical Marijuana. SWADE’s Product Specialist’s and Elevate Holistic’s Team will be there to educate and answer any questions that arise around this plant-based alternative.

The Munchie Brunch is happening Sunday December 6, 2020 at 11:00am at the Mellow Mushroom, Cottleville location. The menu will feature a special CBD infused beverage and guests will learn the fundamentals of cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant while enjoying delicious, elevated Mellow Mushroom pizza. Reservations are required for this complimentary event and tickets will sell out quickly.

This event is perfect for individuals who have their Missouri Medical Marijuana Patient card or those seeking to find out more information about qualifying conditions, how to begin the application process, and the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. This Q&A session is designed to teach and review the 123’s and ABC’s of THC & CBD. “We know there is a lot of interest around medical marijuana including the differences between CBD and THC” says Jack Haddox, General Manager of SWADE Dispensaries, “People have questions and we are here to provide answers within our community.”


Our Swade Dispensary Opening Date Announced

(October 28, 2020) St. Louis, MO: Swade Cannabis’ first location in St Peters will open November 6, 2020 to Missouri medical card holders. 

“While it has taken longer to open SWADE than originally anticipated, we have focused all controllable efforts on delivering an exceptional experience and providing patients with the highest quality of medical marijuana” said Mitch Meyers, CEO of Beleaf Medical. “Being one of the first to have medical cannabis for the patients of Missouri is an incredible honor.”

SWADE medical dispensary employeesSwade intends to sell every form of medical cannabis produced in the state.  They have supply contracts with other Missouri producers to make sure every variety of product will be available.  “Eventually you will find flower, concentrates, edibles, beverages, topicals, and other medical forms of product at our locations as soon as they are available,” comments Jack Haddox, General Manager of Swade dispensaries, “However at opening we will be limited in product options and each medical card holder can purchase ¼ oz of flower per day for the first couple weeks, until more product is available.”

In the first few months, supply is limited as plants were just beginning to be harvested in September.  Therefore in the management of patients expectations and Swade’s desire for the patient’s experience to be as seamless and positive as possible, it is strongly suggested that anyone interested in visiting this location click here to learn more about our policies and procedures, especially around COVID-19.  We will be accepting cash and debit cards as well. Online ordering IS available and is encouraged especially for at-risk or immune sensitive patients.

 “Our team is extremely honored and prepared to serve the Missouri cannabis community with the highest level of service.  We have 12 years of experience in medical cannabis in states like Colorado, California, Michigan and Illinois” states Kevin Riggs, President. “We have both Physicians and a Pharmacist on our Advisory Board should patients need additional consultation.  Swade Managers have spent years working with patients advising on the benefits of medical cannabis usage.  We are excited about the number of jobs we are creating and the ability to bring diversity to our organization mirroring our patient base.”

Beleaf Medical made all five of their applications in the greater St. Louis area where they are headquartered, as they intend to be present in each of the five locations.  In addition to St Peters, there will be locations on Cherokee, Delmar and The Grove in St. Louis and a location in Ellisville. These will be open in the 4th quarter of this year and early next 2021. The Swade brand will offer consistency throughout each location so patients know what to expect when they arrive no matter which location is convenient for them.

ABOUT SWADE: Swade is Missouri’s premiere luxury cannabis company created to restore and enliven mind, body, and spirit. SWADE takes a holistic approach to cannabis, creating a premium experience from our elevated dispensaries to the lasting sensory impression of our products. SWADE offers an inviting atmosphere, informative approach and a love for precision in premium cannabis.  Photos available upon request.

SWADE School

The Difference Between Sativa, Indica and Hybrid

As a newcomer to cannabis medicine, it can feel a little daunting to try to decode the language on a typical cannabis menu. Luckily, SWADE’s emphasis on cannabis education is here to help—whether you speak with one of our in-store experts or follow along with us here, on the blog. 

The best place to start when considering what type of cannabis will suit your purposes is with the strain basics. There are more than a thousand strains of cannabis that have been bred over the last several decades—these are bred to purify and strengthen particular strains, but they can also be bred to enhance specific characteristics, such as potency, terpene profiles (more on that later), the plant’s yields, and other elements.

Modern cannabis is usually denoted as being either an “Indica”, “Sativa”, or a hybrid of the two. Armed with just these few terms, you’ll be much more able to determine which strain is right for you—no matter where you’re shopping. 

Here’s a quick overview of the common differences between these varieties, and what to expect when you partake. 



Chances are you won’t be asked to identify an Indica by the plant, but nonetheless it’s helpful to know that the Indica plant itself is short and bushy with short, wide leaves. Indica tends to smell more musky, earthy, and skunky than its Sativa counterpart—something that’s often reflected in the names of the individual strains. 

When consumed, Indicas usually result in a “body high”—that is, a feeling of physical relaxation. An Indica can have effects such as stimulating the appetite, aiding in sleep, and relieving pain. In general, Indicas are recommended for nighttime use, since they can have a sedating effect (sometimes called a “couch-lock”, which is just what it sounds like—a feeling of not wanting to move from the couch). 

Indicas are often beneficial for patients with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and cancer, and they offer some relief for pain and inflammation, making them a favorite of anyone with chronic pain. 


By contrast, the Sativa plant is tall and slim with long, thin leaves. The Sativa plant takes longer to grow than an Indica plant, and yields less medicine. It tends to smell sweet, fruity, or spicy because of its terpene profile. This too is often reflected in its name—so you can reasonably expect a strain named “Mandarin Cookies” for instance, to be Sativa-dominant. 

When consumed, Sativas yield more of a “head high”.  This type of high promotes alertness, uplifting and euphoric feelings, creativity, and increased energy. (Some users even call this “cleaning weed” because of how productive it makes them.) Sativa is better for the daytime, as it can help keep you going throughout the day.

Sativa strains tend to be beneficial for users with psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, and PTSD.


Hybrids are, in many ways, the best of both worlds. They are unique strains that are bred from two parent plants of different types to create a hybrid that possesses many or most of the beneficial medical properties of both its parents. 

Breeders can “cross” any two strains they desire in an effort to create a new strain that delivers the best possible medical efficacy. Sometimes strains are created particularly for diseases like lupus, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, and epilepsy, based on the needs and desires of patients with those conditions. 

Since many diseases have side effects like depression, anxiety and insomnia, patients can use hybrids in an attempt to address both the core condition and the daily symptoms. The blending of both physical and mental benefits makes it easy for users to hand-pick strains that may be tailor-made for the type of daily effects they are experiencing.


The best way to explore new strains

While expert opinions and insights from our strain guides are a great place to start, everyone is different, which means that no two experiences with a particular strain will be the same. That’s why the best way to determine your favorite strain is to keep a journal or notebook detailing your experiences. There are always new strains to try, so even a less-than-ideal experience is a valuable way to learn more about the world of medical cannabis and what works best for you. Try to be open and curious about each new experience, and see what you can learn as you work toward finding your new favorite strain!